No matter how much you enjoy cleaning your home, the stenches of odours are sometimes unavoidable. But don’t let that annoy you, as there’s often an easy, homemade way to vanish stink from every single area of your home. To help you on your way to a fresh, clean, and odour-free home, we’ve gathered the top ways for getting rid of a few pesky household odours.

  1. Stinky bins

Wash indoor and outdoor bins with hot soapy water on a regular basis to keep smelly bits and debris away. Following your clean, leave a few used fabric softener sheets in the bottom of your bins to avoid smells and absorb odours.

  1. A burnt-on food spill

If food from a casserole dish uncontrollably spills over onto the stove, sprinkle some salt on the drips in order to absorb the burned smell. Additionally, this will make it a lot easier to clean up later on.

  1. Stale refrigerator

If a smelly fridge puts you off your appetite, place an open box of baking soda at the back on one of the shelves. This will trap odours. You can do the same in your freezer too. Boxes of baking soda can be found in home and bath shops

  1. Pet smells

Something as simple as shifting your furniture away from the sunlight can help get rid of some pet odours. Also you could air them out, like removing the pillows and beating them to remove as much dust as possible. Then, soak it with pet-odour specific cleaning products such as, Get Serious or Nature’s Miracle. Many people use Febreze, which is a good way to cover odours but it won’t get rid of them completely.

  1. A musty mattress

Spray your mattress with disinfectant to kill the bacteria that causes odours. In between repeating this a few times, sprinkle some baking soda onto the mattress and wait 15 minutes, then vacuum.

Let us know what your tricks are for getting rid of stinky household odours. Additionally, book a local cleaner to sort all of your household odours for you at,