With summer well and truly under way, many of you may be freshening up your home. Why not take it one step further and carry out a thorough office summer clean as well? But, before you can start the actual cleaning you will have to declutter your desk so that you can get to the areas which really need a tidy/clean. While we recommend employing one of our team, if you can’t do this on a regular basis then we’ve listed a few helpful tips which could help you clean your office in the meantime.

  • Invest in a streak free cleaning solution and micro fibre cloth to clean your computer screen. Other cloths such as paper towels may mark your screen so it’s important that you use micro fibre.
  • Purchase some disinfectant wipes to clean the keyboard and mouse of your computer. Also, you could buy some compressed air to spray into the gaps. You can then use an old toothbrush no longer needed to clean away any bacteria.
  • Cleaning the rest of the desk should prove to be pretty simple. Simply ensure that you have some disinfectant and then remove any items from the desk before cleaning each section. Make sure you wipe over electronics such as mobile phones and telephones as these are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.
  • A good vacuum or mop will prove to be good products for your office floors. You will especially want to do this regularly and thoroughly if you have regular meetings.
  • If you share a kitchen with co workers, you should certainly do a summer clean of this department of the office. Go through the fridge and throw away expired food and drink. Then give it a thorough clean with some disinfectant.

If you and your office colleagues do not wish to purchase cleaning products, then simply take a look at our last blog of foods to use for cleaning. Each of you could bring one of our recommendations to the office and put your unused groceries to good use.