Here at eClean, we have been building out our family of cleaners for a few years, now enjoying a fully-fledged, beautifullydysfunctional family that spans across the country. Consisting of domestic cleaners, window cleaners, commercial cleaners, car valeters and much more, we are constantly looking for new cleaning talent to strengthen our team even more!  

If you are considering whether or not to apply for a role with us, here are just a few benefits you may want to consider. 

Work where you want  

For many cleaners, the travelling demands of the job can often take its toll, having to travel far and wide to find work. Having no real control over where your cleaning duties are required, many cleaners are stuck in a bit of a rut! However, here at eClean, we give our workers full control over where they work, and when jobs come in, they have the ability to accept or decline them.  

Working hours  

If you are a worker looking for full-time work, or a parent wanting a few shifts here and there, eClean is certainly the place of work for you! Allowing you to dictate the hours you want to work as per your availability, our aim is to slot around responsibilities such as childcare and hobbies.  


Eager to financially reward our hard-working staff, our pay rate is constantly recognised as an attractive quality, wanting people to view cleaning as a career path as opposed to a way to make ends meet.

Investing in you  

Unlike traditional cleaning companies, we do not treat our staff like numbers, but have worked hard to create an environment of happy, enthusiastic staff members. We do this through getting to know our staff, finding out what their vision and needs are and accommodating them the best we can!  

If you would like to learn more about becoming an eClean Pro, fill out our online form today. We look forward to hearing from you.