If you are anything like us at eclean.co.uk then you will be well aware of the cleaning products available to you, understanding that we need a whole set of objects to make for an easy cleaning life. Where we all cannot be as domestically-sound as an e clean cleaner we can keep on top of things to the best of our ability. With the help of our ecleaners we have put together a kitchen cleaner starter pack, aiming to help those struggling when first being handed the cleaning duties.

Antibacterial spray

Although visual order is important for any kitchen health must also be thought of, hence our love for antibacterial spray. Ridding of any unwanted, harmful bacteria such products ensure your kitchen is a safe environment for everyone, particularly important if you have children, elderly people or pets.

Glass cleaner

Okay, it may be a pretty obvious one but glass cleaner is a must-have for all kitchen cleaning packs, perfect for getting to grips with the internal window, glass doors and the oven window.

Air freshener

Where you can clean and scrub the kitchen for hours upon hours many kitchens, especially old ones, have their own, unique smell. This is why a bottle of air freshener can manifest itself as a godsend for some, giving your kitchen a fresh, clean odour.


As one of the cheapest additions to your cleaning cupboard scourers are a must have, perfect for those stubborn marks that reside themselves on the worktops and on kitchenware. Great for cleaning all rough surfaces 3 scourers will set you back around a pound; and it will be the best pound you ever spend!

Elbow grease

There is no better product on the market than a bit of elbow grease. So what are you waiting for? Pull up your sleeves and get stuck in!

If you are interested in enjoying a squeaky clean kitchen but simply do not have the time then why not source the help of eclean.co.uk? Striving to make booking a cleaner an extremely easy process we allow you to book, manage and enjoy your contract without any hassle. Visit our ‘online quote’ page today and receive a free quotation for cleaning in Cardiff.