From faulty mopping to inadequate hoovering techniques, many of us are unknowingly making cleaning mistakes every single day. Eager to help keep homes and offices spick and span, we at eClean have put together a few mistakes that we see daily!  

Spray cleaning directly on the surface  

When cleaning worktops and floors, it is common to see people spraying their antibacterial products straight onto the surface . While this is okay for incredibly dirty surfaces, from a day-to-day point of view, it can leave residue behind.  

Rinsed sponges  

While many consider a rinsed sponge as clean, the fact is, it really isn’t. With food and bacteria hiding in a sponge’s crevices, it is important that you always use clean equipment. Our advice would be to replace this once or twice a week, ensuring you are not simply spreading new dirt with old dirt. 

Cleaning with bare hands  

Your skin is super-absorbent and will soak up almost any substance that touches its surface. For this reason, we highly recommend wearing gloves, especially when maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen area. However, we would say to avoid chalky or rubbery gloves  

Putting the toilet brush back in its holder  

Though a job that most of us are not too overjoyed to be carrying out, your home or office toilet needs to be presentable for anyone that uses it. One of our biggest bugbears here at eClean is people putting the toilet brush straight back in its holder after being used. What you should be doing is allowing the sponge to dry for at least ten minutes  before returning it to its home.  

Vacuuming pet fur without an attachment 

Though pets arguably make a house a home, making sure they do not impact the cleanliness of your house is a must! With pet hair often employing a certain smell, it is vital that you stay on top of such cleaning tasks. This can be achieved with a simple daily hoover, however, ensure you are using an attachment to get all of those fine hairs up!  

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