Like many of us at e Clean you may fall under the category of ‘clean freak’ and although a great label in our eyes you can feel misunderstood at times. For this reason, we at e Clean thought we would take some time to let all you clean freaks out there know that you are not alone! We’ve got your back!

10 things only a cleaning fanatic would get:

  1. You secretly enjoy cleaning before guests come over to your house
  2. You only stock white wine as red is just far too much of a spilling hazard
  3. When at a friend’s messy house you feel a burning desire to organise the life out of that place
  4. You employ a strict tea-making regime that ensures no sugar grains are left behind
  5. You are very particular about where you go to the loo
  6. The concept of a ‘junk room’ is alien to you
  7. Your Xmas list consists of cleaning gadgets
  8. All DVD, CD and Vinyl labels must be facing the same way, otherwise they may as well not be there
  9. Clutter makes you sweat
  10. You clean your cleaning products after every grub-tackling session

If you are a self-confessed cleaning junkie then share your obsessions with us by leaving your comments below.