With modern technology reinventing the way in which we communicate, research and shop, it was only a matter of time before the cleaning industry experienced a tech disruption, with technology now sitting at the centre of the forever-in-development industry. Being a clear example of how technology is changing the world of cleaning, we at eClean are excited by the many other digital  businesses and products entering the space. Here are just a few!

Robot vacuum cleaners   

Technology is all about convenience, with new tech products aimed at making the life of the homeowner easier. The robot vacuum cleaner is an example of this, with many brands eager to create the best, most affordable version for their customers. Constantly hailed for its ability, the Samsung Powerbot is certainly a favourite of ours!  

The way cleaning companies operate  

Window cleaners and commercial cleaners used to use big, petrol-guzzling vans to carry staff and products to and from their clients’ premises, harming the environment with their high omissions. The sophistication of car technology means that cleaners are now using electric cars more and more frequently.  

Gravity-defying window cleaners 

A new piece of kit that is rippling its way across the industry is an autonomous window cleaning product, sticking to the windows and making its way up while it cleans. Ridding of the conventional image of a window cleaner up a ladder with a bucket and sponge, could window cleaning robots be the future of the industry? With a smart suction fan to clean even horizontal surfaces, we at eClean think so!  

Booking a cleaner 

Through apps such as eClean, people can now find cleaners a lot easier than ever before, simply inputting a few details and requirements before presented with a whole host of options. From itemising the duties you wish to be carried out through the app, to making payments instantly, technology has certainly changed the industry for the better!  

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