As a nation we are split, with cleaning being a bit of a marmite subject. Where we at e Clean LOVE cleaning with sympathise with those that hate it, finding it boring and time-consuming. For this reason we have put together a little guide, helping the haters with some easy spring-cleaning tips.

Smelly microwaves

One trick that we often use in people’s homes is the lemon in the microwave trick; great for tackling those stubborn bean stains. By simply putting a bowl of water with half a lemon in the microwave for about ten minutes you will start to cook off the dirt, leaving a lovely smell behind. Obviously you have to turn the microwave on first!

Use cola to clean the toilet

You’ve probably heard of this one before but never tried it!

Well, at e Clean we suggest you do! Just simply pour cola along the toilet bowl and flush for a perfectly clean loo.

Deep clean shower head

After having a shower, fill a sandwich bag with baking soda and vinegar and tie it around the showerhead. You can either use an elastic band, a hair bobble or just a piece of string.

Leave this to soak overnight then any debris will come off easily.

Stop your bin smelling of, well, bin

When taking the rubbish out you will find that your bin will still stink!

To avoid this, sprinkle baking soda or vinegar into the bottom of the bin with newspaper on top. This will stop those odours.

Put a cup of vanilla extract in the oven

Although it sounds a little bit peculiar putting a few droplets of vanilla extract in the oven can give your home a fresh, inviting smell, a trick that estate agents swear by!

If you have any unique cleaning tips then be sure to share them with us by commenting below.