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Here at eClean we have been working with landlords, estate agencies and tenants since our first day of business, working closely with such individuals to ensure their properties are presented in the best pay possible.

Working with landlords and estate agents

If you are looking to let out a property, you will want to present it in all its glory, showing possible tenants its potential as their home. The best way to do so it to show them beautifully clean homes, with eClean heavily utilised for End of Tenancy cleaning services. Allowing viewers to envisage the property with their furniture and family inside, giving the property a deep clean can really help with closing the deal.

Retaining your bond

Whether you are preparing for an inspection or moving out of your rented accommodation, you will want to show your landlord that you have looked after the property as per the requests of your rental agreement.

By displaying such a care for the property, ensuring the place is spick and span can be all you need to ensure your bond is returned to you in full.

If you would like to learn more about the ways in which we can revitalise your property, download the eClean app and partner with a local, professional cleaner!

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