Doing the hoovering is universally acknowledged as a bit of a boring task, being monotonous as well as physically draining (especially of you have a large house). Eager to dispel of this boring task, many big tech brands have tried to create the future of housework, with many ‘Robot vacuum cleaners‘ now on the market.  

What is so great about the robot? 

When stood next to a traditional Henry vacuum or a Hoover, the difference are very much apparent, with the digitally-powered vacuum looking very much like something from the Men in Black films. Most versions are sleek and black in colour, looking very much at home when in operation in the swanky apartments of the city.  

How much do they cost?   

The Samsung Powerbot comes in at around £700, with Amazon tending to be the most competitively priced. With powerful suction and visionary mapping technology, the product has been hailed ‘revolutionary’ by many customers and industry publications, all eager to see such tech-focused items become a staple feature in the household cleaning cupboard.  

What do the eClean Pros think?  

Having recently bought a robot vacuum for the eClean HQ, it is safe to say that it received a mixed bag of responses, with some cleaners thoroughly enjoying the piece of kit and others preferring the traditional hoover set-up.   

Annabelle, a cleaner that has been with us since day one says: 

‘While using the Powerbot was a change from the norm, for me, the lack of control over the cleanliness of the floors was rather unsettling. As a firm believer in the power of a bit of elbow grease, I would much prefer to use a traditional hoover when working in homes and offices.’  

Let us know what you think, would you invest in a robot vacuum