If you’ve been avoiding cleaning since the start of the summer, you definitely aren’t alone. For a lot of us, the thought of steaming carpets, cleaning cupboards or a section of the fridge makes us want to crawl under the covers and hope for winter. We can all do with a little extra motivation to get our cleaning head on, so we’ve rounded up the leading expert advice of how often you should clean everything, and why. Research has shown that your home is harbouring more bacteria than a bin. Are you motivated yet? Take a breather and continue reading to see how frequently you should be cleaning your home… and yes, it’s more than once a year.


Frequency: Every week

For years, the belief was that cooking food in a microwave was a fab way to kill bacteria. If you are guilty of frequently using the microwave, then we’ve got some worrying news. Research has suggested that this fact might be a myth, so keeping your microwave absolutely spotless is important. We recommend wiping it with anti-back once a week and doing a thorough clean at least twice a month.


Frequency: Every week

We all know that the toilet has the reputation for being one of the dirtiest areas in the bathroom. However, it isn’t. Research has found that the bacteria in baths are actually more considerable than the ones you would find in bins. Yes, your bath is officially grubbier than your bin. You should clean your bath as often as your toilet, preferably every week.

Bed Linens

Frequency: Every one to two weeks

Research has found that your bed linens aren’t as dirty as you think. You are subject to dust mites when you are moving, not just when you are tucked up in bed. Although, it does really depend on your sleeping pattern. If you don’t shower after work or sleep without any clothes on, you should choose to wash bed linens every one to two weeks.


Frequency: Every week

Approximately 70% of people eat lunch at their desk. This makes computer keyboards a nest for bacteria. You should set aside time every Friday to give your desk a clean with disinfectant spray. You could use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean between the keys.


Frequency: Every 6-12 months

We hate to say this, but vacuuming doesn’t count as a way to clean the carpet. Study suggests that if you don’t regularly clean your floors, you could be harming your health. Additionally, your carpets contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. So, you should certainly start thinking about opting for a professional carpet clean every six to twelve months. Or, you should do it more frequently if you have a house pet.

Are you itching to clean every surface in your home now? If not, you could always opt for a professional cleaner every week to take care of these tasks for you.