Today is national ‘Clean Off Your Desk Day’, one of the best days on the e Clean calendar.

With the working environment infamously stressful it seems there is never time to get things tidy, with paperwork, phone calls and office chat taking precedence.

Where many see keeping their workstation clean as a bit of a chore we at e Clean are here to show you the benefits of a clean desk. Not only is a clean work desk nice to look at but it can in fact change your attitude towards tasks, influencing a peaceful, productive atmosphere.

Tips for cleaning your desk:

  • Create a physical inbox. Although the majority of what we do in work is online we do still find the need to print now and again, with a collection of documents that we look at on a constant basis. With loose paperwork making for an unattractive desk why not create your own physical inbox, allowing you to store those vital documents neatly.
  • Chuck out what you do not need! Many office workers are guilty of hoarding, keeping hold of items that they will probably never need again. By scanning things that may be of use in the future you can store all those documents safely on your computer.
  • Get a coaster! Not only can a coaster make for a pretty addition to your desk props but it can also ensure you do not have grubby coffee stains on your desk, providing a more homely atmosphere.
  • Tell people to use your pigeonhole. Colleagues have a tendency to dump things on your desk; items that you know you may not get around to looking at for at least a few days. If this is the case ask them to put post and other materials in your pigeonhole, ensuring your workstation is not cluttered.
  • Have a bin close by. It is easy to make a mess at your desk, especially if you eat there. By having a bin close by you can dispose of food wrappers immediately, seeing that you do not build up a collection of half eaten biscuits by your mouse.


We hope this helps your office today. Let us know how you get on!