Any professional cleaner certainly has a plan in mind when preparing to clean. A strategy that takes on cleaning in an organised and systematic way not only saves you time, but definitely makes your cleaning results more rewarding and worthwhile. There’s no reason why even the biggest hater of cleaning can’t enjoy some light dusting or clutter picking, but at times some of you may really need some motivation. So, here are some checklist pointers you may want to stick to in order to clean your home more efficiently and thoroughly.

  1. Before you begin on the first room, pause. Take some time to create a lively and happy Spotify playlist to play throughout your clean. Now, relax and get-going. Pick up your clutter and feel free to second-guess that old rug your nan donated for your first ever flat. The less you have, the less you have to put away, dust and clean: scrutinise magazines, books, newspapers, DVD’s, furniture… basically anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Is it time to donate and recycle?

  2. When it comes to closets, if you have any that you risk being crushed every single time you open it, probably best if you face your fears and try to minimise and organise.

  3. Go left to right, top to bottom when it comes to dusting. Use microfibre cloths for this which will lower allergens and improve the air quality in your house. Dampened cloths which are tied to the end of mops are very good to get rid of cobwebs. Don’t forget to hit fans, picture frames and every single knick-knack on the mantelpiece. Get rid of that dust!

  4. Before starting to vacuum, make sure your bag isn’t already full. Whilst hoovering, make sure you clean under all the couch cushions. You will be amazed at what you find under there. Not sure where that gorgeous necklace went? We guarantee you will find it by doing a thorough vacuum clean.

  5. Try and make some time for furniture refreshing. Every wooden furniture needs a good wax now and then.

  6. And finally, do whichever part of cleaning you dread the most first. This way you will utilise that motivation throughout your clean. Think of the results, lovely fresh bedding, a nicely hoovered surrounding…ahhhh.

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