A recent survey conducted by insurer, Esure, found that nearly 50% on millennials are hiring cleaners, with one and two-bed properties across major cities making up a huge proportion of these statistics. While many have criticised the need for young professionals to employ help with the cleaning, we at eClean are eager to jump to the defence of those booking cleaners, with our business built on giving customers the support their home or business needs.

Talking on these new findings, the e Clean Head of Sales says:

‘We find it hard to criticise hard-working people that wish to spend their time how they wish, with the majority of the young professionals we work with simply not having the time to sweep, mop and stay on top of the dishes. With such individuals playing a part in propping up of our economy, paying to look after their home is something we welcome’ he says.

According to the survey, demand for regular home cleaners has grown by over 25% in the past 5 years.

Sharing economy has also influenced this increase, with cleaners now easier to obtain than ever before. Until just a few years ago, booking a cleaner would require some time spent flicking through the Yellow Pages, trying to find a local professional that could fit into your schedule.

Looking to book a cleaner?

If you are a young professionals finding it difficult to keep your house or flat looking spick and span, then we at eClean would love to help. Having partnered with the best cleaners up and down the country, you are only ever just moments away from a professionally-trained, fully-vetted eClean Pro.

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