Planet Earth (Europe) Ltd markets and sells the Earth Renewable Solutions range of super concentrated eco-friendly cleaning products for janitorial, facilities and commercial cleaning.

Tried, tested and proven, these products really do deliver a mean, green clean! The entire range is made from ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources, principally plant and vegetable derivatives.  All the products are non hazardous and have never been tested on animals

They save space and storage, supplied in 750ml bottles, which means a lot less plastic, a huge weight reduction and a whole load less space to store than the normal 5litre bottles. Just one or two pumps of super concentrate per application, each 750ml concentrated bottle makes up 90 750ml spray application bottles!

There is a comprehensive range available including:

General Purpose, Window Cleaner, Germex Disinfectant, Heavy Duty Cleaner, Washing Up Liquid, Air Freshener, Floor Cleaner

Already being used by growing a number of domestic and commercial cleaning companies, as well as hotels, B&B’s, guest houses and others, with some tremendous and positive testimonials received, it only seemed right that E Clean should join the team!

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