You may have already heard of Cardiff Bay Chiropractic, an established clinic that is renowned for their manual therapies.

Having now moved to a new premises on West Bute Street (just around the corner from e Clean HQ) their amazing new clinic has completely transformed the face on their business, fully furnished with a roomy reception, X-ray room, therapy rooms and offices.

Working their magic on the bones and muscles of Cardiff the company owners are ‘dedicated to getting people better and keeping them that way’.

With such an admirable ethos the e Clean team are thoroughly enjoying looking after this great building.

Partnering with eClean

We were over the moon to have won the cleaning contact for the beautiful new location, using our expertise in scrubbing and polishing to give their customers a warm and healthy welcome.

Victoria Gunstone, eClean owner, says it is great to work with local businesses, especially ones that provide such fantastic services.

‘Having been talking to the guys at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic for a good few months we have gained an idea of the type of cleaning schedule that would best enhance what they do, allowing them to work in a clean, proactive environment.’

‘The new location is just amazing. It is very modern, spacious and minimalist, providing all customers a relaxing atmosphere’.

‘We thoroughly look forward to continuing our work with the company and expect the new premises to bring them even more success’.

If you are in the area today then you can join in on the company’s celebration of Patient Appreciation Day! The high-regarded, professional Chiropractors are marking this prolific day with complementary adjustments. The only condition is that you have to been adjusted within the last 6 months.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to Cardiff Bay Chiropractic today!

If you are looking for office cleaning in Cardiff then contact us today and allow us to provide a free, no obligation quote for cleaning services.