Important occasions cause for attention to detail, especially when you are looking to impress. For Taylors Etc, Cardiff-based interior design company, this was their exact intention, inviting people into their remarkable showroom.

Offering everything from bespoke-made curtains to unique tiles and mosaic sinks such shops run the risk of looking cluttered. That said, with an eye for design and spacing the Taylors Etc staff pulled off the event of the year, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

‘The shop looked stunning, with everything laid out perfectly for everyone to see’ said one attendee.

‘With so many products to see Taylors Etc opened up a wonderland of services. I look forward to visiting the shop again.’

Calling e Clean in for some extra cleaning we made the shop look spotless, ensuring their products were given the attention they deserved.

If you are looking to make some home improvements then we highly recommend taking a trip down to Taylors Etc, however we do warn you, you could become addicted!