Whilst many of us religiously clean our homes, it’s important to do the same for your business/workplace too. The constant change in the British weather provides office spaces and other workplaces as a nesting place for bacteria, causing many employees to get colds and flu. If your business has many staff members working within the same space, you are probably beginning to notice the increase in days off due to sickness. According to research, sick days’ cost UK businesses £29bn a year. However, with a few small changes, you can lower this figure by simply putting a few cleaning rituals into place.

Here’s 3 tips for cleaning your workspace.

Provide antibacterial wipes

Some of the worst places in an office to gather germs are desks, phones, keyboards, computer mouses, and photocopying machines. Realistically, desks should be wiped down with antibacterial wipes on a daily basis, although majority of offices only do this once a month. You should try to encourage your members of staff to clean their desks, keyboards, and phones, and you can do this by providing antibacterial wipes.

Employee responsibility

You should nominate a member of staff to tackle a certain part of the communal area. Giving cleaning responsibly to your employees reduces the chances of them making a mess and generally allows the workforce to enter a clean and healthy environment on a daily basis. Plus, you should try to use disposable options as much as possible for things like cutlery, plates and mugs. Also, add a hand sanitizer dispenser to the wall next to the door so that staff can clean their hands before entering/exiting the workplace.

Reduce clutter

You should eliminate paper/filing systems where possible by going digital and green. The less clutter you have hanging around the workplace, the less build up of dust.

Eventhough these systems may come at an initial cost, such as the price of cleaning products etc. once implemented it is guaranteed to save you money in the long-run with less employees ringing in sick. Be sure to check out our other advice blogs about all things clean.