Although ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is an extremely appropriate saying for many there are some contexts in which is simply does not fit, one being carpets! As keen advocates of recycling and upcycling we wish to encourage more and more people to explore the glories of carpet cleaning, a service that is both great for the environment and the wallet!

While some carpets are designed to to last just 3 years others as built to stay in tact for up to 30 years, with the way you treat your carpet having a huge bearing on that.


Where we aim to breath new, clean air into all of the carpets in which we revamp the truth is that some materials clean up better than others, with nylon and sorona carpets generally cleaning the best. Other carpet materials that we have experience in include:

Fabric blends


You can get a rather large space of carpet completely revamped for under 100 pounds, enjoying a wealth of multi-room deals on top of that. Compared against the price and bother of installing a brand new carpet is simply excessive, more so if you are on a tight budget to get the room looking presentable..

Handled by experts

If you opt to replace the carpets in your home or property then you could be applying unnecessary stress onto yourself, having to find a carpet, measure up and have someone in your house to fit it – of course at a charge. The process of cleaning your carpets is a lot more straightforward than that, simply clicking our ‘online quote’ option and getting the ball rolling.

Have faith that each and every one of our cleaners are crb-checked and referenced, giving all of our customers the peace of mind they need. So, what are you waiting for, get a free online quote today and get your home looking great for less.