Being a mum is an extremely hard job, with young children renowned for their wrecking-ball type personalities. For this reason Cardiff has successfully bred a force of super-mums, women that can run their home like an army.

Where being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet things inventively begin to grate on mothers, seeing untidiness being high up on the ;list of annoyances.

With cleanliness being extremely important in the family home we thought we would ask the mums of Cardiff what their greatest cleaning bugbears were. Here is what we found!


‘My kids drive me mad with their toys, I find them everywhere’ said Helen of Whitchurch. With two children under the age of four years old Helen finds it hard to juggle working life, being a parent and keeping a lovely home, using some time-saving cleaning tips.

‘What I tend to do it get the kids to help me tidy up, leaving them responsible for putting their toys away. In doing so my husband and I can focus on other chores’.


Known for getting creative with their food dinnertime can be a messy time of the day for many families.

‘My children seem to get food everywhere and I am constantly watching with the antibacterial spray at the ready.’

Children and eco-friendly products

At e Clean we highly recommend the eco-friendly cleaning products that we use, having partnered with Earth Renewables to ensure all of the properties we clean are safe. If you have children or pets and would like to learn more about environmentally-friendly products feel free to contact us today.