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At High Gear Finance we are determined to always put the customer first. We understand that companies need access to funding to help them grow and that every business is different and has different reasons why it needs finance. That is why we work with specialist brokers and partners from around the country, making sure that you get the best lenders for your business and situation. Currently, High Gear Finance has a 90% success rate at helping businesses access money smart and fast.

- High Gear Finance works with over 200 commercial lenders and partners from around the UK, to ensure that you find the perfect funding solution for your business / Limited Company.

- We don’t charge any fees, as the lenders pay us on success, meaning apart from a basic company credit check, there are no risks to see if we can find you finance today.

- High Gear Finance only works with Limited Companies that are registered in the UK.

How long does it take?

The quickest deal ever done in our network was 1.5 hours, however, this client was prepared and had all their documents ready for the lenders!

We understand that speed is important. You want to grow your business and don’t want to spend months messing around with banks, institutions or credit lenders. You want to grow now! We guarantee that every enquiry will be responded to by a trained broker, within 1 business day so we can get you started straight away!

We work as quickly as you are ready. All lenders will require you to have certain documents prepared for them to access finance. To help with this, we have compiled a list of all documents that lenders will require, as well as for instructions on how to access these documents.

These are only a guide but will cover all bases and make the process a lot faster.