This coming bank holiday poses as the ideal time to get ahead with your cleaning, especially if you are lucky enough to have the whole of it off work.

With a fast-paced and busy lifestyle, it is very easy for us to accumulate knick-knacks that we may not need or use anymore. You could take advantage of the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend by ridding your house of unwanted clutter and truly give your home a new feel. As well as introducing a new calming atmosphere to your home, decluttering and ridding yourself of excess stuff will make your house a whole lot quicker and easier to clean. This being relevant regardless of whether you take on the deep cleaning yourself, or hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

Here’s five things to declutter this Bank Holiday to get the very best out of your clean…

Old magazines and newspapers

If you are hoarding numerous copies of Cosmo from 1996, a thorough sort out of your magazines is definitely overdue. You can do this by keeping green and recycling your papers. Or, why not pass them onto some of your friends and family who haven’t read that particular issue?

Dried up nail polish and old makeup

Keeping old makeup isn’t just unhygienic, but it also means that you are taking up precious space in your home. You should use the Bank Holiday weekend to rid of makeup and nail polishes which are well and truly past their sell-by-date. By doing this you aren’t only saying goodbye to dirt infested products, but your dressing table is bound to be a lot easier to clean.

Clothes that don’t fit

There’s absolutely no joy in keeping clothes that don’t fit your body. You should free up your wardrobe by selling or donating clothes which don’t fit you or that you no longer wear.

Chargers and manuals for old electronics

If you can’t work out what that random charger is for, then you probably don’t need it at all. This goes for electronics and manuals that you don’t use anymore too. Free up that messy drawer and get rid!

Food that’s out of date

You should spend a morning or afternoon of the Bank Holiday weekend by delving into the back of your cupboards and emptying your fridge. Rid your home of out of date foods and you will be surprised at what you find! You could donate anything that’s still in date which you don’t fancy for your dinner anymore. You can find your local Foodbank by simply searching online.

Now that you’ve decided what you should be doing over the Bank Holiday weekend, why not check out our other cleaning hacks. Plus, be sure to get in contact with us if you would like one of our domestic professionals to do all the de-cluttering for you.