Last year, research revealed that 1 in 3 UK families are regularly booking domestic cleaners. With regards to this figure, it was adults in their 30’s which accounted for the biggest proportion of people appointing a cleaner to keep their homes spick-and-span. So, why are so many people choosing to pay other people to clean their homes for them.

It increases happiness

The same study found that people who pay other people to do their dreaded household chores for them, are generally happier in their lives. The experiment tested how happy participants felt when they spent £30 on cleaning, cooking and other chores, in comparison to the satisfaction they got from spending the same amount on material goods. The results found that the participants were much happier with life when they paid someone to do their chores compared to buying material goods such as clothes and books,

More free time

Why would people want to spend their precious time cleaning? By hiring a cleaner you can spend more time with loved ones, friends, and doing other things that you enjoy. Life is simply too short to be spending it cleaning, so win back some free time and get someone else to do it on your behalf

An immaculate home

Even if you think you are the world’s most thorough cleaner, there’s no denying that someone coming to your home to do it for you is so satisfying! All of our eClean cleaners are experts and know exactly which products to use in order to get the very best results around your home. They are guaranteed to get into the nooks and crannies, and also pay attention to the things that you just hate doing.

Our overall advice here is, when considering whether a cleaner is needed for your home, just simply ask yourself, ‘how much time do I want to spend cleaning, and how much time should I be spending?’ If you wish to have more free time, but maintain a clean and healthy home environment, get in contact today to book one of our reliable and professional cleaners.