We’ve all been in this situation. You’ve had a long day at the office, but you finally get home to remember that you will have guests arriving in a matter of minutes. Oh, and your house is a total tip! Don’t fret though, there are a few simple and small fixes you can do to make your home seem a lot cleaner that it actually is. The tip here is to concentrate on what your guests are bound to notice.

Here’s the things you can focus on cleaning before your guests arrive. All of them can be done in under 10 minutes too, SCORE!

The Sofa (2 minutes)

Your guests are more than likely to be sat on your sofa during their visit, so you should make sure that the cushions are plump and look inviting to them. Plus, remove any clutter from the seats such as remote controls, food crumbs, or messy blankets. If there are any marks on the sofa, simply position a cushion or throw to cover them.

Glassware (4 minutes)

You are most likely to offer your guests a drink during their visit, so you should make sure that the glasses and mugs are clean. Don’t worry about cleaning them all, just the amount you will need according to the amount of visitors you are expecting.

Bathroom (4 minutes)

With all that drinking and chatting, your guests may need to use your loo. So, be sure to make it visibly clean and check that the toilet seat is down before their arrival. Don’t worry about the base, just wipe over the seat with some antibacterial wipes and pour some bleach down the pan. Remember to also wipe the sink and make sure that there is a clean hand towel, enough toilet paper and some fragrant hand wash.

Hallelujah! A visibly clean home with enough time to spare before your guests arrive! Be sure to check out our other cleaning hacks and tips.